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 Kalada Development Inc is an international white honey distributor.  Based in Saskatchewan, Kalada sources the white honey from CFIA registered apiary and bee keepers.


Kalada White  Honey is 100% raw honey without high heat treatment and keeps its integrated nutritional ingredients. 

Kalada White  Honey possesses ‘True Resource Honey’ Certification which ensures every bottle of Kalada White  Honey to be from Parkland primeval forest in Saskatchewan.



100% Canada Pure Honey

Our Pure Honey  is not pasteurized and free from any additives, which is completely different from heavily processed commercial honey. Without chemical refining for taste and excessive heat  destroying natural enzymes, vitamins & minerals.


Unique Curative Effects

The special light sandy soil breeds massive alfalfa and clover. The two flowers possess special features, such as homeostasis, anti-inflammation, liver protection, and anti-cough.

Kalada Ice Honey is from natural wild flowers in the primeval forest in Saskatchewan. Primeval forest, numerous rivers, and pure air provide honey bees with massive pure feeding area.


Low Temperature Treatment

Low temperature treatment keeps many of healthful organic compounds and substances in honey, such as natural enzymes, amino acid, and vitamin.

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